What is the Dementia Peer Coalition?

The Dementia Peer Coalition (DPC) is a group of resilient people in Connecticut who are living with the changes attributed to various forms of dementia. The DPC is the independent voice of people living well with dementia – run by and for people with dementia. The DPC creates opportunities for peers living with dementia to support and empower one another in four areas: peer support, advocacy, community education & research, and volunteerism.  Members of the DPC are welcome to join the Empowering Partnerships project.

What does the DPC do?

Members of the DPC empower each other through peer to peer support groups and have been involved in advocacy efforts to our Federal and State legislators, awareness raising education events like To Whom I May Concern®, co-leading Dementia Friends sessions, and co-presenting at local and national conferences like LeadingAge and Alzheimer’s Disease International. However, they also love to simply hang out and enjoy each other’s company.  

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