Empowering Partnerships is a unique 2-day training workshop for persons living with early experiences of dementia, caregivers and researchers on ways to co-partner on research priorities, study design and methods. The training includes powerful co-learning opportunities on issues of capacity, consent and ways to leverage the strengths and retained abilities of people living with memory and cognitive changes from dementia. 

Most research today for Alzheimer’s and Dementia is around the cure. While this is important, people living with dementia desire ways to live well today. People living with dementia need researchers like you to know what is important to their lives and to have a say in WHAT is studied, HOW it is planned and implemented.  

Benefits of Co-Research Include:

  • Engaging persons living with dementia will assist researchers with real-world questions of how to live well with, as opposed to be cured from, dementia
  • Researchers leverage the lived expertise of individuals living with cognitive change
  • Individuals living with cognitive change impact priorities of researchers, based upon their life experiences
  • Potential to enhance quality and appropriateness of interventions for persons living with dementia and care partners
  • Provision of a mechanism through which persons living with dementia can give back and help others
  • Reduction of stigma about abilities of persons living with dementia to contribute to society

Come and helps us build a ground-breaking approach to research by participating in the Empowering Partnerships opportunity.  You can spark change in aging services and supports today!

 “As researchers, we think that because we read the scientific literature that we know what benefits are most important to people living with dementia. There may be other outcomes that we didn’t even consider that people living with dementia could tell us about. The same goes for care partners”,said Dr. Richard Fortinsky, Ph.D. Professor, UConn Center on Aging.